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Piano lesson Dublin is an exclusive piano enthusiasts area where the student of all ages and levels will get access to connect with a variety of engaging teachers. This website is for those piano players, who are just getting started or already have some knowledge and want to improve their skills. Our main purpose is to connect with you to the best piano teacher available in your area and make you the best pianist that you always wanted to be. We also have a strong online community where you will be able to get your queries answered.

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Our Speciality

Professional Piano Teacher

Every piano teacher is unique. The perfect combination of personalities between teachers and students is an important factor.

We have experienced piano teacher who has many years of successful teaching and performing experience in the classical music industry with adults and children.

Easy to Learn lessons

It's a pretty big challenge to learn piano playing for beginners. Here you will get chance to learn flexible and customized lessons of all ages students ranging from beginners to advanced learners. Most of our lessons are designed to meet individual needs. Our goal is to provide innovative teaching method for helping students to achieve their success.

Step by Step Lessons

Learn to play piano keyboard with us. You will find everything you need to know step by step in our lessons. Dublin Piano Lesson delivers an expert level of lessons to every student. We ensure our students will play the piano with real confidence after learning our lessons step by step.

All Level Piano Lessons in Dublin

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Beginners Piano Lessons
Most of our highly experienced piano teachers are intuitive, able to quickly find the ideal course of study and teaching approach for each individual student.In Dublin, our experienced piano teachers will boost your skill and lay the foundations for you to become the best pianist possible.
Kids Piano Lessons
There isn't a magic age for youngsters to start out their piano lessons. Our lessons are designed for beginner to the elementary label. Our amazing teachers love to teach children and encourage them to be a musician. Our main focus is to contribute to the success of childhood piano experience.
Intermediate Piano Lessons
Our intermediate piano lessons are mainly designed for students who already have some experience playing the piano. This courses will boost your intermediate skill to the next level.
Advanced Piano Lessons
If you are an advanced and talented pianist and want to the extra boost of your piano playing then this course is for you. Our passion is to help you and make you the best pianist that you wanted to become.

Piano Lesson Features

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General Piano Lessons

Here you will find a number of our most well-liked general piano lessons covering both practical & theory. If you or your kids want to learn only the basics and not to sit for exams then our general lessons are perfect for you.

Piano Theory Lessons

As a beginning piano student, you will get the basic theory lessons of piano on how to read chord charts, basic time signatures, how to read sheet music, intervals on the piano and how they can help you improve!

Proper Technique & Lessons

Learn how to play piano and keyboard. Our experts will guide and help you to accelerate your progress with proper playing technique for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Our Mission

We realize you have a choice between different piano lessons and tutorials. A lot of private piano tutors and several different music schools are offering their piano lessons. All studios and teachers are not the same. We constantly improve our facilities and ensure the best experience possible for our students and parents. From our different choice of programs, teachers, locations, and instruments, we are ready to offer piano lessons for any sort of learner. Piano Lesson Dublin's mission is to offer affordable private lessons in Ireland nearby your location in Dublin City including the following areas Dublin 8, Dublin 9, Dublin 12, Dublin 15 in a welcoming and structured learning environment of all label and ages student. We also offer one-on-one piano lessons either in the student’s home or at the Dublin City Center.

Enrollment & Fees

Many of you worried about the cost of music lessons. Our plan and price depend on your requirements & it is very much affordable. You may find some others who are offering cheap piano lessons. We suggest you contact us to know about our price terms before going to take your final decision.

When is the right time to learn piano lesson?

That’s a very common question we receive now and then. When should I learn the piano? It is never too late to start learning the piano and there is no special talent needed to play the piano. Whatever you are a beginner or a pro, you can start today for your own pleasure and enjoyment. Learning to play the piano has a ton of fun and reward. Book your seat today if you are a beginner or a pro. Please remember that all levels from beginners to advanced label pianists are welcome to us. All our students will learn a wide range of different music theory subjects. It's our continuous duty to prepare our students for music school and university exams especially Royal Irish Academy of Music Exams. Our excellent piano teachers love to teach kids piano lessons in Dublin as well as enjoy teaching lessons for adults. We offer hourly classes. As our schedule is constantly changing we recommend you keep in touch by filling the contact form below with your preferred day and time, and we will get back to you. Piano Lessons Dublin team is always looking to book your seat and welcome your first piano lesson schedule.

Benefit of Learning Piano

To explore the music world, Piano is the most powerful instrument for music lovers. Learning to play piano improve your listening skills, self-concentration skills, and goal-setting skills that are applicable to life outside the piano studio. Music is an art. After learning the piano, students will able to express them gaining real confidence without being tied down by the technicalities of music-making. It encourages self-expression, creativity and has some significant social pay-off. In today’s competitive world, well-rounded people are demandable either in the school student or at the office staff. In fact in Dublin, Ireland, those who know how to play the piano definitely get the benefit and recognize the value of taking piano lessons. With the right piano teacher, Piano Lessons Dublin can be incredibly enjoyable for students.


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