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How to Play the Piano – A Guide for Beginners

How to Play the Piano

Most people consider the piano a complicated musical instrument. It features very many different notes and keys, with some even sounding almost the same. And especially if you are a beginner in playing the piano, you might find it very daunting to learn how to play the piano.

However, never let all those notes and keys of a piano intimidate you. Learning the piano is not a difficult task, as most people presume. So, if you are wondering just where and how to start playing the piano, then this article is just for you. Read on!

How to Teach Yourself Piano – Easy Method for Beginners

How to Teach Yourself Piano

Did you know that you can even start learning the piano on your own? Yes, while it is recommended that you get private piano lessons, this doesn’t mean that you can’t start learning by yourself. There are different ways that you can learn the piano. For instance, you can download different apps that teach how to play the instrument.

Also, you can search for tutorials on different websites. A website that offers one of the best tutorials for learning to play the piano is wikiHow. Therefore, with the consent of wikiHow, you can learn how to play the piano from their online tutorials. Who knows, you might even get a Ph.D. in piano by merely learning from the website. Piano lessons Dublin is always with you in case if you need help.

Also, to maximize your piano performance, you can combine several activities with your piano learning. The following three tips can help you teach yourself piano and improve your piano performance in no time:

  • Carry out several music theory exercises – One of the most challenging parts of learning the piano is reading the sheet music. Therefore, as you teach yourself piano online, you can also try completing several music theory exercises. The more exercises you complete, the more competent you will become in reading music and playing the piano keyboard.
  • Begin with one hand – When teaching yourself the piano, you should start with the one-hand pieces. These are pieces that use either a few fingers on both the left and right hand or just the right hand. Beginning with one-hand pieces will help you cultivate the skill and courage to move on to even more complex pieces that use both hands.
  • Begin with a slow tempo – As you begin learning to play the piano, you might be tempted to play songs at full speeds. It may be especially so if you are playing a song that you know. However, to improve your piano performance, then you need to start off playing songs at half their speed, even a quarter the speed. As you get more comfortable and gain skill, you can then increase the tempo.

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How to Sing and Play Piano at the Same Time

How to Sing and Play Piano

Have you ever watched concerts by Elton John, Billy Joel, and other expert pianists? If yes, you can agree that these singers make playing the piano and singing simultaneously look like an effortless activity. However, the truth is that you need some time and practice to sing and play the piano simultaneously.
The following are three tips that can help you master the skill of playing the piano and singing at the same time:

1.) Maintain the Right Posture

One important suggestion to remember is that; a good posture means better and easier singing. Why is that so? Well, when you maintain a good posture, it will result in better breathing. And, as every person knows, better breathing usually translates to a better sound. So, whether you prefer sitting or standing, ensure that you maintain a good posture. The excellent posture will, in turn, translate to better singing while playing the piano at the same time.

2.) Prepare the Singing and Playing Piano Separately

As you prepare for your presentation, it is recommended that you play the piano and sing separately. Focus your attention on one skill, then proceed to the other. For instance, sing the a capella, then sing along as you follow a piano track that is pre-recorded. Then, play a few chords until you master them. Only after preparing both skills separately can you start combining the singing and the playing of the piano.

3.) Practice Regularly

Practice makes perfect. Therefore, if you wish to become a pianist expert who can sing and play simultaneously, you need to be consistent in your training and practice. Experts recommend that learners practice for at least 30 minutes each day, irrespective of whether they are playing on a digital keyboard or acoustic pianos. If you practice regularly, you should be able to see results within a duration of one month.


The piano keyboard may seem like a challenging instrument to learn. Yet, the fact that this instrument has repetitive keys makes it one of the easiest to master. Whether you decide to go for a group piano lesson or teach yourself from home, you can rest assured that by regular practice, commitment, and patience, you can become a piano expert in no time!

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